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Spotlight on Safety Program

Giving our police tools to stay on the leading edge

The Spotlight on Safety Program pays tribute to Edmonton’s grassroots fundraising campaign to purchase the EPS’ first helicopter. Donations to Spotlight on Safety provide the EPS with critical tools and resources to keep our city safer.

Together we can make Edmonton safer!

Putting a Spotlight on Safety is one solution for a safer Edmonton

Donations to the Spotlight on Safety Program fund critical tools and resources like the purchase of Air 1 and highly-trained canines that assist our EPS with crime-fighting.

You can invest in a safer city for as little as $10 per month as a #TBF monthly donor. Thank you for your important support!


As true-blue friends for a safer Edmonton, the Edmonton Police Foundation raises funds to advance excellence and transform community policing in support of the Edmonton Police Service. We are committed to helping to position the Edmonton as the safest city in Canada and the EPS as a recognized leader in community policing.