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Project SOS

Operations and Intelligence Command Centre (OICC)

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) constantly seeks to move the law enforcement profession forward with efficient resource management and strong community relationships. The Operations and Intelligence Command Centre (OICC) is the next necessary evolution in around-the-clock intelligence-led policing.

The centre-piece of the EPS’ intelligence capacity is its business intelligence tools and processes. In 2012, a case study published by the Institute for Public Administration of Canada noted that the EPS’ use of analytics and data mining to fight and prevent crime “was rare and leading edge”. In 2014, the EPS conducted a review of the Intelligence Model and validated both the business and policing benefits toward building an Operational and Intelligence Command Centre for Edmonton.

The Edmonton Police Foundation (EPF) stands for #TrueBlueFriendYEG so when a friend sends an SOS, we respond. Just like the first Project SOS: Air 1, the EPF is calling out to the #TBFyeg community for help to support the Foundation’s effort to provide $1.5M for the OICC.

Information + Analysis = Intelligence

The OICC formula for a safer Edmonton

Project SOS: OICC will enable the EPS to maximize the components of: tactical intelligence, operational intelligence and strategic intelligence by creating a real-time 24/7 hub that will leverage technology to enhance situational awareness, conduct sophisticated operations, and accelerate highly effective decision making. Law enforcement agencies throughout North America have successfully implemented real-time crime analysis centres. The EPS OICC will be distinguished as a centre of excellence in its expert capability to advance intelligence-led policing by integrating leading technology with centralized tactics, operations and strategy.

We Make This Happen…Together.

Be part of the solution for a safer Edmonton

Are you for #TrueBlueFriendYEG? You can be a part of the OICC solution toward creating a safer Edmonton for as little as $10 per month as a #TBF monthly donor.


The Edmonton Police Foundation is dedicated to community policing. A true-blue friend for the Edmonton Police Service and the community, the Edmonton Police Foundation was established to help position Edmonton as the safest city in North America.